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Saturday, October 12

8:45am EDT

9:30am EDT

9:55am EDT

Breakout 4A: Why Are There So Many Denominations? SanctuaryFrank Turek Breakout 4B: Racism, Social Justice, and the Gospel Crown RoomRichard Land Breakout 4C: Designed for Discovery LC1400Fazale Rana Breakout 4D: Historical Jesus 101: What Scholars Are Saying about Jesus and History LC1300Rob Bowman Breakout 4E: How Theology Needs Philosophy ChapelRichard Howe Breakout 4F: Defending Inerrancy: Does it Matter if the Bible Contains Errors? (REPEAT) Mini GymDoug Potter Breakout 4G: Seizing THE Moment....Vision for Community Impact (REPEAT) RM222Mark Harris Breakout 4H: The Truth About Gender Neutrality (REPEAT) RM232Kathryn Camp Breakout 4I: The Resurrection of Jesus from Dying and Rising Gods?: An Investigator Examines the Evidence (REPEAT) RM226Ross Hickling Breakout 4J: What Your Church Needs More Than Apologetics (hint: it involves apologetics) (REPEAT) RM233Matt Schmidt Breakout 4K: You Were Made for This! Sharing Reasons Why Christianity Makes the Most Sense of Reality (REPEAT) RM227Tricia Scribner Breakout 4L: Why God Is Not A Moral Being and How It Relates to the Problem of Evil (REPEAT) RM240Brian Huffling Breakout 4M: The New World of Apologetics: Questions and Answers with Dr. David Geisler and Don Deal (REPEAT) RM237David Geisler • Don Deal Breakout 4N: Art, the Transcendentals and Transcendence: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in Human Art as Indicators of the Knowledge of God (REPEAT) RM238Joel Paulus Breakout 4O: Is Christianity Compatible with Socialism? (REPEAT) RM231Bernard Mauser Breakout 4P: CANCELLED DUE TO FAMILY EMERGENCY RM242Ray Ciervo Conversación con el Dr. Mike Licona ¿Qué significa decir que la Biblia es inerrante? (Evaluación pos-diálogo) RM234Mike Licona • Bruno Molina • Chris Du Pond • Jorge Gil

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