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David C Black

Senior Member Technical Staff
Austin, TX
Mixed background in hardware and software design. Classically trained BSEE digital designer and BACS.

I am an instructor for Doulos America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Doulos Ltd. I teach (in no particular order):Verilog and SystemVerilog for design, simulation, and verification of ASICs and FPGAs (hardware). UVM (Universal Verification Methodology) using SystemVerilog to verify complex digital logic designs. Arm Processor Architecture for Software Design (Application, Realtime, and Microcontroller profiles) - certified.C and C++ for Embedded Systems design (bare metal to RTOS)SystemC (library + methodology based on C++) modeling.HLS (High-Level Synthesis of C++ and SystemC to create RTL for FPGA design)Basic Embedded Software Security for Embedded Programs in C/C++