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David Geisler

President, SES Adjunct Faculty
Dr. David Geisler is the president of the Norm Geisler International Ministries (NGIM), which he co-founded in 2015 with his late father, Dr. Norman L Geisler. The vision of NGIM is to integrate Norm Geisler's educational models of apologetics into practical models of evangelism and discipleship for teachers and ministers around the globe. David also currently serves as an adjunct professor at both of the seminaries his father founded on either American coast (Southern Evangelical Seminary in North Carolina, and Veritas International University in California), David's teaching stems primarily from the book he co-wrote with his father, Conversational Evangelism, and the book he is currently writing now. Both books teach how to use apologetics as a pre-evangelistic tool, and reframe apologetics under the mandate of Corinthians as "cultivating good soil”, while showing how to do this in personally and culturally sensitive ways. David travels to countries around the globe, holding seminars and trainings on his father's 12 Points, Conversational Evangelism, and their new training material, "The 4 R's of Apologetics, Evangelism, and Discipleship” based in part on insights David has gleaned from his friend and mentor, Reverend Edmund Chan. David is also the executive producer and co-author of an upcoming feature documentary on the foundational impact of his father's work on modern Christianity. This movie will be offered as a part of his seminars and trainings after its release in 2020.