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Richard Howe

Southern Evangelical Seminary
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Apologetics
A writer, public speaker and debater, Richard G. Howe concentrates on issues concerning Christian apologetics and philosophy. He is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary and is Past President of the International Society of Christian Apologetics. Dr. Howe has a BA in Bible from Mississippi College, an MA in Philosophy from the University of Mississippi, and a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Arkansas. Both his master's thesis and doctoral dissertation focused on the issue of the existence of God. Dr. Howe’s doctoral dissertation is titled “A Defense of Thomas Aquinas’s Second Way”. Dr. Howe is co-author with Dr. Norman L. Geisler of The Religion of the Force and is a contributor to several books including The Harvest Handbook of Apologetics, I Am Put Here for the Defense of the Gospel: Dr. Norman L. Geisler: A Festschrift in His Honor, The Jesus Quest: The Danger from Within, The Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics, Reasons for Faith: Making a Case for the Christian Faith, and To Everyone an Answer: A Case for the Christian Worldview. He has had articles published in the Christian Apologetics Journal, the Areopagus Journal, the Midwest Christian Outreach Journal, and the Christian Research Journal. He has spoken and/or debated in churches and universities in the US, Canada, Europe and Africa on issues relating to the defense of the Christian faith. In their free time, Richard and his wife Rebekah enjoy international travel.